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WPF Interface Ideas

May 1, 2010 at 9:25 AM

Although Wave.NET's interface will be based mostly on original Wave interface, there is still many things which could be improved or changed. Since it's been said many times that WPF/Silverlight would be the best choice, then there are few suggestions for the Wave.NET interface.

  1. Smooth transitions when a window is minimized/maximized, animations for drop-downs.
  2. Drop-downs becoming transparent when mouse leaves
  3. Program's settings opening just like a wave - this one is kinda obvious
  4. Waves could be detachable into new windows (desktop client)
  5. Move taskbar to the bottom, or leave such option to the user.
  6. I'm sure many people would enjoy skins.

So that's it, my ideas for Wave.NET interface. Discuss.